Dr. Michaud provides mobile anesthesia services throughout the state. He works with multiple dentists in different dental offices. This allows for greater access so that everybody can receive the benefit of anesthesia in the dental office. If you are a dentist interested in providing sedation or anesthesia to your patients or a patient interested in having us talk to your dentist about in-office anesthesia services, please contact us.

What is a Dentist Anesthesiologist?

A dentist anesthesiologist is a dentist who has completed a 2-3 year residency dedicated to the full-time study of anesthesiology. Graduates of a dental anesthesia program become adept at providing anesthesia in a hospital operating room, outpatient surgery center and private practice environment. During training a dental anesthesiology resident will not only receive extensive sedation and anesthesia training, but the dental anesthesia resident will train in rotations for emergency medicine, internal medicine, cardiology, acute and chronic pain management.

How does a dentist anesthesiologist differ from a dentist who offers sedation?

In many cases, a dentist offering sedation performs the sedation and the dentistry at the same time and is limited in the depth and spectrum of sedation. Dentist anesthesiologists, however, have completed a residency specializing in anesthesia after graduating from dental school. As a dentist anesthesiologist, Dr. Michaud has the full spectrum of anesthesia available for patient comfort. Whether maintaining a light sedation to help an anxious patient move forward with treatment or performing general anesthesia, Dr. Michaud has the skills, level of training, and techniques necessary to keep the patient safe and comfortable while the practicing dentist completes the dental work. Dr. Michaud directs 100% of his attention to the patient’s health, vital signs, and comfort which allows the dentist to focus on making the perfect smile.

“Dr. Michaud is an excellent person who knows how to do his job. He was extremely patient with me and my daughter. He spoke Spanish very well as he kindly explained what would be happening in a way that we could understand it. Dr. Michaud did the anesthesia as good as we could have hoped for, and I think he is an asset to his profession.” [Translated from Spanish to English]
~ The Rojas Family

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