“My daughter Samantha is four years old and this is technically her first trip to the dentist. She went to an appointment with her older brother, he had a bad experience. Needless to say when we have tried to take her since, she does everything to fight the dentist off. Dr. Michaud was my daughter’s first person contact here, and I want to say Thank You! She was giggling and talking to him (that never happens with adults). His bedside manner is wonderful. It put me (Mom) at ease to leave my daughter alone with a perfect stranger.Thank you for that ... and keep up your positive and smiling demeanor.”
~ Carrie
“Dr. Michaud is an excellent person who knows how to do his job. He was extremely patient with me and my daughter. He spoke Spanish very well as he kindly explained what would be happening in a way that we could understand it. Dr. Michaud did the anesthesia as good as we could have hoped for, and I think he is an asset to his profession.” [Translated from Spanish to English]
~ The Rojas Family
“My visit with Dr. Michaud was a great first time visit. He explains procedures very well and takes the time to explain what terms mean, which not too many doctors really like breaking down to patients. He made us feel comfortable and worked great with my little girl.”
~ Camila
Friendly, Safe
“Doctor and dental appointments are always difficult with our special needs child, but thanks to Dr. Michaud is was an easy transition. He brought tears to mine and my husbands eyes because of the extra patience and concern that the doctor had for our family. We need more people on this earth like Dr. Michaud. Thank you so much for making this experience easy.”
~ Russ and Elena
“I was very pleased working with Dr. Michaud. He did very well with my son. He made it a fun, hands on, and informative experience for Nathan and me.”
~ Diane
“My daughter Stephanie underwent dental surgery on May 21st 2014. She is 50 years old with down syndrome. She went through the surgery quite well. The people at the surgery center are a group of highly competent and caring people. Dr. Michaud was especially caring and talked Stephanie through the process of anesthesia. I watched her as she was getting ready to fall asleep and she experienced no agitation and was very comfortable as she fell asleep. I wanted to let Dr. Michaud know that I am very pleased with the people at the surgery center, and that if I ever need an anesthetist, I would like it to be Dr. Michaud.”
~ Lee

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